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Fancy A Fragrance - Arch - Sunflowers


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Fragrances make us Dream ... our sense of smell can trigger our minds to a memory , a moment and even a magical morrow.

Our Diffusers allow you to be surrounded by your favourite Fragrance , whether it be in your Car , a Room in your House ,  your Wardrobe or even at Work .

With a stylish look , our Bullet Diffusers will add a touch of prettiness where ever you decide to hang them . 

The Bullet diffusers come in Black , Silver , Rose Gold and Gold and strung onto nylon cord . They have been decorated with assorted coloured silicone beads and beech wood beads . The full length is 30cm  , but this can be shortened if desired and with a safety clasp that makes it easy to hang . 

Presented in our own branded packaging , your Diffuser will come with a bottle of your selected fragrance from our range as well as safe to use instructions . 

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